IHG Forum: New Registration Policy

Affair Help Discussion Forum

IHG’s Forum: Inception When we first provided the forum at IHG, we intended it as a supplementary tool to continue our discussions and support of those who reached out for our help via our chat room. We offered people the opportunity to register an account with us in order that they…

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The St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Coping with an affair on Valentine's Day

Coping With an Affair on Valentine’s Day The expectations that we have about Valentine’s Day are so ingrained culturally that being single has almost become stigmatized for the day. It’s the one day of the year when the status of our relationships -and our relationship status-  is on display and…

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New Year @ Infidelity Help Group 2017

  Happy New Year When your life has exploded because of an affair, the chirpy ‘Happy New Year’ season can leave you cycling between upset and sobbing, vicious snarling and voodoo dolls, and fervent hopes that your new year will indeed be happy. If you’ve been through it, you will…

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Coping at Thanksgiving

Infidelity Help: Thanksgiving Day

Affair Help for Thanksgiving The darker, colder days brought by winter can undoubtedly make it harder to cope with the sense of loss, depression and helplessness when an affair has affected your life. When national holidays like Thanksgiving come around, it can be a further painful hurdle to negotiate. It’s not…

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Six Degrees of Standing in Reconciliation

Standing for Your Marriage Strictly speaking, Standing is a specific term used to describe one spouse’s intent to stay married despite the other spouse’s action and intent to leave. It’s a term typically used in Christian marital teachings where the marriage is held sacrosanct, the cheater is characterized as lost and/or broken,…

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I’m the Other Woman: Should I Tell His Wife?

I’m the Other Woman: Should I Tell His wife? While a lot of this article is applicable to affair partners of both genders, the experience at IHG is that the other woman is overwhelmingly more likely to disclose an affair to the faithful partner, and to do so with malicious intent.…

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Rules and Boundaries for My Mistress

Rules and boundaries for my mistress

Cheaters Who Google. Again. The search terms that bring people to the IHG site can make interesting reading. The searches by faithful partners can be useful to help us decide what content to publish and which published content is of greatest interest to people. Those search terms are -understandably-  typically about affair fog,…

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Remorse Carrots & Reconciliation

Much Ado About Remorse Remorse. If you venture onto most infidelity support sites, remorse is high on the list of ‘Right Things’ required for reconciliation after an affair – remorse is seen as the key ingredient in the Magic Reconciliation Recipe. It’s often expounded as: The cheater must feel remorse. The cheater…

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Under Pressure After the Affair

Faithful Spouse: Under Pressure

Cling Kong and the Magical Reconciliation Pixie Hands up if you feel under pressure about the decisions you make in the aftermath of the affair. If you raised your hand (mentally or otherwise) then you know exactly what I am talking about: The affair has bulldozed you into eating a…

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