Infidelity and Murder


Andrea Sneiderman Trial: Did Infidelity Lead to Murder? By Anna Gonzalez, HLNtv. com Atlanta (CNN) — Did a Georgia mother conspire with her boss to have her husband murdered? That’s the case against Andrea Sneiderman, who is likely to go in front of a jury in August. Sneiderman is charged in …

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An Affair With The Marriage Counselor

Marriage counselor had affair with client

by Joel Stashenko (edited) Husband Can Sue Woman Counselor For Alleged Affair With Ex-Wife A suit filed by a man who claims his marriage fell apart after a female counselor he and his spouse retained to patch up their differences had an affair with his wife may go forward, a Supreme …

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Infidelity: Worth Killing For

Wife Murdered Following Discovery of Husband's Affair

Wife Murdered by Cheating Husband Today I found another disturbing report about a  woman whose cheating husband killed her, after she discovered his affair and started separation proceedings. Murder and Infidelity  A west Toronto renovator, Praljak, has been sentenced to life in prison for the savage slaying of his wife, who …

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The Different Consequences of Adultery

World Flags

A Matter of Extremes   Societal reaction to infidelity is obviously shaped by cultural differences, though it’s easy to lose sight of how extreme those differences can be when we’re firmly ensconced in the comfortable familiarity of our own nations. I came across two examples that demonstrate staggeringly disparate outcomes …

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Infidelity, and Murder Most Horrid

Affair Partners during muder trial

Infidelity, Murder and Manipulation A doctor in Utah stands charged with his wife’s murder. The trial is examining allegations that the doctor insisted his wife have a face-lift in order to ply her with a lethal cocktail of drugs. His wife died in April 2007. Here’s the kicker: MacNeill is …

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