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Challenging traditional and popular views and myths about infidelity.

Until further notice, the IHG Chat Room will not be available.

We want you to make choices that are reasoned, clear, and authentic, and we shall never suggest that saving your marriage and then remaining unhappily in it is ‘success’.

  • We don’t see any success in encouraging someone to stay in a dysfunctional or abusive relationship.
  • We don’t see it as valuable, valid, or supportive to attribute a cheater’s choices to a disease state or compulsion, and do not encourage belief in excuse smog.
  • We don’t see any virtue in staying in a relationship where you do not have equal voice, equal rights to independence, and equal commitment to shared values.
  • We don’t see courage in taking the easier path just because it’s easier.
  • We don’t believe that staying in dysfunction ‘for the kids’ is healthy (for them or you).
  • We don’t see willing martyrdom and self-sacrifice at the altar of a cheater as a victory.
  • We don’t support Standing in any degree.

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