After the Affair

Jane RubiettaSomeone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.

~ Jane Rubietta

I am Me: Empower Yourself

A Thought for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day can bring upset, sadness and an incredible sense of being alone when your relationship has been devastated by an affair. It can easily suck you into a vortex of low (or no) self-esteem and a feeling of having no control in your life. …

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Heroes and Villains

The Thing

The Infidelity Super Villain Ever wondered how Clark Kent got away with ‘hiding’ his real identity by combing his hair differently, and wearing some glasses? Or how nobody seemed to notice that beneath that innocuous trench coat, lurked The Thing? Affairs are often thinly disguised as only ‘being about sex’. …

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After Affair Discovery: Taking Your Time

Often, in the immediate aftermath of affair discovery, the faithful partner feels significant pressure to ‘decide’ and to ‘act’. Not only does ‘taking action’ help negate the sense of powerlessness, but there can be considerable external pressures to behave in certain ways. On sites such as these, there is often …

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Relationships, Dysfunction & Personal Limits

When you’re faced with the reality of your partner/spouse’s infidelity it is often advised that you set boundaries within your relationships, partly as self-protection and partly because we all strive for healthy relationships. We all have our personal limits and understanding what they are and how to work them into …

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Divorce: 5 Good Things to Know

Teri Goetz, Divorce

Five Ways to Grow From a Divorce By Teri Goetz Change I woke this morning to 22 degrees, much too early in the year for these temperatures. Two days ago, it was nearly 50. Such a quick drop in temperature was kind of a shock when walking out the door. …

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Processing the Pain of Infidelity

Amy Fabulous, Relationships and Infidelity

A Columnist’s Personal Experience of Infidelity ‘Amy Fabulous’ is a columnist who wrote this article about the pain of infidelity in her own life: This time last year, I was in Paris with the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. I trusted my partner and …

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