Gremlins 1: IHG 2

Gremlin Wars I admit it. Those pesky little suckers had us on the run for a while. It’s been a few days since our connectivity issues began, and for that I apologize. It’s frustrating for us also when these types of issues disrupt the services we provide for you. Throwing gremlins into blenders, …

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We’re Working On It

I apologize for the continuing issues. Gremlins are trying to take up permanent residence in the forum and evicting them takes a little time. They’re under notice. Again, I appreciate your continued patience - please bear with us. The Chat Room is unaffected by this, and is open for your …

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Site Status: Update

We thank you for your continued patience with the connectivity issues in the forum. Our host service has now identified what’s causing the connection problems and we will be implementing the fix in the next few hours. We hope that this solution fully resolves the knock-on effect that it has …

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Forum/Site Issues

Some users are experiencing some intermittent connection issues that might be preventing access to the site and Discussion Forum. The service is fully functional if you can manage to connect, so feel free to continue to use it. Once you land on the site, the Chat Room is unaffected and …

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Site Changes

Please bear with us.The site will be undergoing some changes in the next few days. Some navigation, links and functionality may be impaired or unavailable while these changes take place.

We appreciate your patience.

Infidelity Resources: Member Suggestions

The Infidelity Store Yesterday the Infidelity Help Group site was updated to include our Infidelity Store, highlighting some infidelity resources that may help those dealing with cheating and extramarital affairs. It is a collection of products (available through Amazon) that our members have suggested and includes products in the following …

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Helping Somebody Like You

Elizabeth Gilbert by Erik Charlton

Because I know something you don’t know … “Because I know something that you don’t know. I know that this is the worst experience of your life, but I also know that someday you’ll move past it and you’ll be fine. And helping somebody like you through the worst experience …

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