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This is a non-traditional and secular infidelity support site with a strong focus on challenging the traditional/popular approach to infidelity.

We will encourage you to set aside emotionally driven responses. We will approach your situation by providing rational, experience-based advice.

Our direct, challenging, and matter-of-fact tone is not a good fit for everyone.

Before You Register With Us:

Please read the following posts as the minimum before registering.

Please also read the box below:

IHG firmly opposes Standing, ‘loving them through it’, and Divorce Avoidance Plans.

    • IHG is a staff-led forum, not a traditional peer support group.
    • We take a no-nonsense approach to the issues of infidelity and dysfunction in direct, unequivocal language.
    • If you are unwilling to seriously entertain options other than Standing, we are not the right forum for you.
    • IHG focuses on the individual, not the relationship outcome; we do not advocate for reconciliation, divorce, or even marriage itself.
    • We do not encourage people to stay in dysfunctional relationships.
    • We don’t see it as valuable, valid, or supportive to attribute a cheater’s choices to a disease state or compulsion.
    • IHG rejects popular Affair Fog Theory.
    • We don’t believe that staying in dysfunction ‘for the kids’ is healthy (for them or you).
    • We do not provide counsel to cheaters or affair partners in active affairs within this forum.

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