Ex-Sex Affairs

Affairs with an ex

The availability of social media such as Facebook, Friends Reunited and Classmates etc, makes it easy and convenient to locate and reconnect with old school friends. Many affairs start between old college or school friends using the technology as an easy, no-risk first contact that is easily explained to a …

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Facebook Affairs


Technology makes the world a smaller place. We’re able to talk to people from where ever we are using mobile telephones. We can connect with people from all over the world (and also with people from our pasts) with ease, via the internet. The worldwide web has, without a doubt, …

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Discovering Infidelity: There’s An App For That Too

Infidelity: There's an app for that too

Infidelity Checking Goes Social With New Online App Qoqoriqo Source: sourcewire If you are suspicious of your partner and believe they may be having an affair, a new online ‘crowd sourcing’ app has launched which directly connects victims of infidelity with their partner’s other girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands, through …

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Infidelity: Married Men Online

Infidelity: How to spot someone married online

Technology provides multiple tools that can be used to assist in someone’s infidelity. Starting, or even conducting, an affair online is fairly simple and it provides a medium through which real circumstances and identities can be relatively well hidden. This article suggests ways for a single girl to spot a …

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The Yin and Yang of Morality

Neuroeconomics and Infidelity

Could a single molecule—one chemical substance—lie at the very center of our moral lives? Paul Zak: Trust, morality — and oxytocin Research that I have done over the past decade suggests that a chemical messenger called oxytocin accounts for why some people give freely of themselves and others are coldhearted …

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Online Infidelity

Dr Trina Read

Is it Chatting or Cheating? by Dr Trina Read (edited) If you can’t tell your husband or wife what you’re doing—even if it’s completely innocent and nothing will ever happen—then you shouldn’t be doing it. Period.” When Does Talking to Someone Online Become infidelity? In the 1998 movie You’ve Got …

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Infidelity: There’s An App For That …

Call And Text Eraser

‘Smart’ Tools for Cheating I am the rather reluctant owner of a ‘Dumb-Phone’. My phone does little else than send and receive calls and texts (erratically at that), and might occasionally deign to notify me that I have a voicemail, three days after the fact. Its most sophisticated features are …

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