Affairs and the Married Man

Infidelity & Affair Help: Lisa Merlo-Booth

Responding to the Advances of the Married Man by Lisa Merlo-Booth I wrote a post a while back about women going after married men (in response to an article written on the topic) and received a comment from a woman stating that women are often not to blame for affairs. …

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Affair Help: The Other Person’s Obligations

Infidelity & Affair Help: A Fresh Perspective

Helping him become what he pledged not to be: Another perspective on the problem of infidelity By Hugo Schwyzer (edited) I’m turning to an email I got from a woman last week. “Tara” wrote another in the series of missives from young (21) year-old women contemplating a relationship with an …

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Affair Help: The Cheater Code Deciphered

It’s often a source of amusement in our Affair Help Chat Room that there is a Cheater’s Handbook out there somewhere. Perhaps a single dog-eared copy that gets passed around via the library system? Maybe it’s magically delivered by the affair equivalent of a stork when the choice to have …

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Affair Help: The Cheater Code

The Cheater Code

The Members of Affair Website Present … The 10 Commandments of Being a Good Affair Partner It’s not well known, but there is a code of sorts when it comes to those who are indulging in extramarital affairs. Whatever reason that people cheat, it is thought that perhaps they are …

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Affairs: Types, Consequences & The Truman Show

Mira Kirshenbaum was mentioned in the post “Do Affairs Save Marriages“, as a proponent of not disclosing an affair to the faithful spouse. This article explores how she categorizes affairs, and outlines her view of each type. Ms Kirshenbaum also delves a little further into her view of why an …

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Affair Help: Do Affairs Save Marriages?

Do Affairs Save Marriages?

There are many articles that are similar to yesterday’s post Affairs Can Save a Marriage: Myth or Mendacity? that are extolling the virtues of having an affair and its positive effect on a relationship. Providing some balance of reality, in the face of the deluge of articles all ready to …

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Affairs Can Save a Marriage: Myth or Mendacity?

Affair Help: Affairs Can Save Marriages

So far I’ve avoided posting about this particularly abominable subject matter. Articles that claim that affairs can save relationships don’t do anything positive in terms of helping people understand infidelity and affairs, nor do they paint an accurate picture of the reality that affairs have on marriages. Women’s Affair Save …

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Infidelity: To Tell or Not To Tell?

Tracey Cox Infidelity Affair

If the Affair is Over, Should You Tell? By Tracey Cox This Monday (7th January) was the day people are most likely to cheat. The reality is a little under half of us have cheated at some point - regardless of what day it is. Some people are opportunistic cheaters …

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The Ethics of Infidelity

Mark White Psychology Infidelity

Enough With All the Adultery Already! by Mark D. White (edited) In my first post on adultery, I avoided discussing the ethics of infidelity. Well, I tried to, at least; it’s hard to discuss a topic like that without lapsing into the morality of it, so here goes. (For those of …

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