Female Orgasm and Cheating

Dr Justin Lehmiller: Infidelity & Psychology

Does A Woman’s Frequency Of Orgasm Predict Her Likelihood Of Cheating? by Dr. Justin Lehmiller Explaining the evolutionary significance of the female orgasm has long been a conundrum for scientists. Why does the female orgasm exist if it is not necessary for reproduction to occur? Numerous theories abound, with some …

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Affair STDs (STIs)

Do Cheaters Practice Safe Sex? by Dr Justin Lehmiller (edited) Affair STDs Although people almost universally agree that cheating is wrong, infidelity remains incredibly common. Most discussions about cheating tend to focus on the powerful emotional consequences of it; however, there are also some important health risks associated with infidelity. …

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Sex After an Extramarital Affair

Dr Barry McCarthy: Infielity & Affair Help

Sexual Recovery from an Extramarital Affair by Barry W McCarthy Ph.D. During the last ten years there has been a revolution in understanding and treatment of extra-marital affairs driven by the seminal research and clinical work of Snyder, Baucom, and Gordon. Their book “Getting Past the Affair” is the gold …

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Affairs: The Infidelity Epidemic

Affair & Infidelity Help

Affairs: Never Has Marriage Been Under So Much Strain By Kate Figes Relationship expert Kate Figes spent 3 years finding out why adultery is now so worryingly common. Strain Marriage vows have never been under as much strain as they are now with many men and women in relationships admitting …

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Sex After an Affair

Psychology: Infidelity & Affair help

It’s common for people to experience great sex with their partner after (or even during) their partner’s affair. This article explores why this is often the case. Why Make-Up Sex and Breakup Sex Are So Good by Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D. (edited) Make-up sex is wild and extremely gratifying sex that …

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Affairs & the Need for Desire

Affairs: Can We Want What We Already Have? During this talk, Perel made a comment that “responsibility and desire butt heads” and suggested that security and desire pull against each other, and yet are both needed by us. Perel believes that those who are encouraged to explore the world as …

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Post-Affair Sex

Sex After Infidelity By Denise J. Charles Reconnecting sexually after an affair can be extremely difficult, but it is possible. Use these tips to help rekindle what was once there. The experience of infidelity in marriage has got to be one of the most devastating occurrences that any individual can …

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Reconciliation After Infidelity

Rconciliation Infidelity Help

How Do You Start to Feel Attracted Again to Your Disloyal Spouse? Source: affaircare (edited) The first thing I did personally was to let go of the idea that “it” would “be like it used to be.” Sadly “the way it used to be” is dead and gone, and will never …

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Dr Shirley Glass Discusses Infidelity (Part 1)

Dr Shirley Glass Infidelity Expert

Infidelity: Shattered Vows (Part 1) By Hara Estroff Marano, Shirley Glass (edited) Source: Psychology Today, originally published 1998. Rebuild your relationship by rebuilding trust. Then open “windows” in the relationship. Hold on to your wedding ring. It’s difficult, but possible, to repair the damage caused by infidelity. Increasingly, that’s what …

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The Impact of Infidelity on Sex

Infidelity & Sexual Recovery

Erotic Recovery After Infidelity by Dr Tammy Nelson (edited) Erotic recovery is a fundamental part of healing after an affair. Your erotic life together is a very basic relationship need. After infidelity, going back to being erotically and intimately connected with your partner can be complicated. Erotic recovery encompasses all …

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