The Dangers of Hopium

hopium n. The irrational belief that, despite all evidence to the contrary, things will turn out for the best. Also: hopeium, hope-ium. [Hope + opium.] There’s no hope in dope ~ Wayfarer [hr] Hope? by Marcy Miller Hope is a four letter word. It is the enemy of the newly …

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Staying With a Cheater For the Kids

Infidelity & Affair Help: Chump Lady

I have received a couple of requests to add material and articles about children affected by infidelity, whether they are the product of an affair or of the primary relationship. Over the years I have heard many people justify their inaction in the face of their partner’s affair, as being …

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Affair Help: Negative Thinking

Infidelity & Affair Help: Choosing The Past

After an affair has devastated their relationship, many are stripped of their self-esteem, their positive view of the world, and their trust in other people. It’s not uncommon for those entering a new life as a single person to feel that they will be alone forever. For some this can …

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Affair Help: Abandonment

Being left by a cheater for the affair partner, is painful. The feelings of rejection, anger, jealousy, and frustration are difficult emotions to deal with and to work past, especially in the face of people doling out the continual advice of “It’s time to move on”. But they’re right. There …

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Standing: Shackling Yourself to Your Cheater

Standing Standing is a term used in infidelity forums that describes a faithful partner’s refusal to accept the demise of a relationship, regardless of the actions of the cheater. It could be defined as the faithful partner committing to and maintaining a unilateral relationship in perpetuity, despite the cheater’s actions, …

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After an Affair: Trust … and When to Let Go.

Trust After an Affair: Your Cheating Heart By Lee Nelson/Healthy Life Three years ago, Rachel from Schenectady had a lot of secrets. She was having an affair. “My husband knew I had an inappropriate relationship with another man — talking, texting, e-mailing and flirting. But he never believed I cheated …

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