15 Tips When You Discover an Affair

Quick Tips When You Discover an Affair

When you discover an affair it can feel as if your world is falling apart. Often distress makes it difficult to focus on sifting through articles to find and assimilate affair help in the immediate aftermath of discovery. Here are our 15 Tips When You Discover an Affair, to help …

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Cover Up an Affair For a Friend?

Related posts: Affair Help for a Friend How to Respond to a Friend Who is Cheating ~ Wayfarer [hr] Friends Who Knew: Should You Help Cover Up An Affair? by Kanya Daley Affairs are messy; why make them even harder? Betrayal. Seeing red. Unforgivable. Unbelievable. These are words people often …

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Affair Intuition

Dr Stanley H Block

Affair Intuition: Not Missing The Signs by Stanley H. Block, M.D. Myths About Infidelity Myth One- You will miss the early signs. Myth Two- Love makes you blind. Myth Three- You can recognize the early signs of infidelity by using your logical mind. Realities About Infidelity Reality One- Your intuition …

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Affair Confrontation

Infidelity & Affair Help Advice

Affair Confrontation: 6 Steps To Confronting Your Mate About Betrayal by Rick Reynolds Do you think your mate has been unfaithful? If your goal is to find out what happened in order to determine what you want to do, then don’t make a bad situation worse by how you confront …

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The Affair Business

Affair DNA SheCheated.net is a DNA testing service targeting men suspecting their wife or girlfriend of an affair. SheCheated has announced the availability of an anonymous infidelity DNA testing service. My initial reaction to this article was, “WTF?!” For me it raised all kinds of questions about privacy, snooping, crossing …

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Disclosing Your Infidelity to Your Partner

Confessing an Affair without Losing Your Marriage by Joe Beam Live long enough and you will learn this lesson: Anyone could do anything in certain circumstances. Just as bad people do bad things, sometimes good people do bad things; not just “minor” bad things, such as the proverbial white lie, …

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Infidelity: To Tell or Not To Tell?

Tracey Cox Infidelity Affair

If the Affair is Over, Should You Tell? By Tracey Cox This Monday (7th January) was the day people are most likely to cheat. The reality is a little under half of us have cheated at some point - regardless of what day it is. Some people are opportunistic cheaters …

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Infidelity Discovered

How Affairs are Discovered Source: infidelityinfo There are a huge number of ways for infidelity to be discovered – but some of them hurt the betrayed spouse even more so than others. It is always hurtful to discover that your spouse is having an affair – but it is even …

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Infidelity: Is The Affair Over?

How to Know Your Spouse’s Affair is Truly Over Source: infidelityinfo   It can be incredibly difficult to weather the storm of an affair, and if your relationship manages to survive the deluge, it can take a long, long time before things get back to normal. One of the most …

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