Understanding Infidelity

“And helping somebody like you through the worst experience of [your] life is incredibly gratifying.”

Infidelity hurls us unwillingly into a gaping chasm of pain, confusion and devastation. It is often the most profound, the most agonizing, and the most isolating negative experience of our lives.

Understanding Infidelity

Therapists, counselors and psychologists may have studied infidelity and its attendant effects, and may even have interviewed and counseled those who have endured it. Despite this knowledge, their understanding of this issue is entirely academic and equips them with nothing more than a lens through which they view our world. In reality, that view is merely a fleeting glimpse of the anguish that infidelity can bring into lives.

Something we know here is that to truly understand infidelity, you must have experienced it. Sometimes sympathy, while kindly offered, feels hollow and lacking in real substance. Real empathy originates in real experience.

At Infidelity Help we have real experience in abundance and our sole focus is to provide support to those whose lives have been touched, either directly or indirectly, by infidelity. Anyone who is dealing with infidelity, on any side of the issue, is welcome here.

The Business of Helping

Many sites promise you the “secret” of how to save your relationship, or how to win your spouse or partner back, or even how to stop an affair. Often these services are pitched by therapists or vaguely-termed “experts” who have either “discovered” or “developed” the secret to saving your marriage. Behind their rhetoric is their fee.

Our experience and knowledge is offered freely, by real people, with real experience. We are not a revenue-generating site, we are not “free to fee” and we do not claim to hold The Big Secret. That secret is a myth, perpetuated by those who want to entice you to pay for their services. Your desperation is to them nothing more than a powerful marketing opportunity.

We do not believe in holding information and knowledge to ransom, or profiting from others’ trauma. We are here because we choose to be, because we wholeheartedly desire to help, and because in our own pasts, people selflessly helped us.

We are sorry that you had to find us, but we are glad that you did.

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