Infidelity Help Chat Room

Challenging traditional and popular views and myths about infidelity.

We are a secular site and do not advocate for marriage, reconciliation or divorce.

Our mission at Infidelity Help Group is to reach and support those whose lives have been affected by infidelity and affairs. We are advocates of self-esteem, self-worth, education, reasoned choice, personal goals, and self-empowerment.

Members listed in aqua are authenticated site moderators.

Our challenging, matter-of-fact tone may not be a good fit for everyone but we welcome anyone who is open to exploring new and different ideas, and who is seeking to live a fulfilled life Eyes Wide Open, regardless of their post-affair relationship status.

This is an actively moderated chat room, open 24/7. If the room is empty when you visit, either wait or pop back later – someone will come along to talk to.

To access the Chat Room, simply enter your desired user name and come on in.

ParaChat iPhone AppOur Chat Room is compatible with mobile devices and has an app for the iPhone (click image). Should you experience difficulty with this functionality, please contact a Moderator via the Discussion Forum.


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