The Halo and Horns Effect

Halo and Horny

Affairs and the Halo and Horns Effect The halo and horns effect is a common tendency to allow bias from the brief observation of a person (or even from a single trait or circumstance) to color the judgment of that person as a whole. It’s understandable that we make these …

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The Dreaded Details

the dreaded details

Knowing the Details of an Affair It’s a question that gets asked frequently on infidelity discussion boards: “Should I ask for the details?” It’s understandable that jealousy, fear, and upset can lead the faithful spouse to obsessing about the other person and how their cheater conducted the affair relationship. Many faithful …

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12 Affair Rules for the Other Woman

Affair Help: Mistress affair rules

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Our societal structure supports our right to create the life we want for ourselves, and to work towards our dreams and desires – in fact, we are positively encouraged to pursue our happiness. Unfortunately, our single-minded pursuit of our own satisfaction often comes at a price – …

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Thanksgiving @ Infidelity Help Group


Our Best Wishes at Thanksgiving If you find yourself here today for the first time, searching for help and support because of discovered infidelity in your relationship at this time of year, my heartfelt sympathies and best wishes are with you. You might like to start reading a few of …

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Coping With an Affair at Thanksgiving

Infidelity Help: Thanksgiving Day

Affair Help for Thanksgiving The darker, colder days brought by winter can undoubtedly make it harder to cope with the sense of loss, depression and helplessness when an affair has affected your life. When national holidays like Thanksgiving come around, it can be a further painful hurdle to negotiate. It’s not …

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Affair Fog Theory Conclusion: Excuse Smog

Affair Fog Theory: Excuse Smog is Man Made

Part 7: Affair Fog Theory Conclusion: Excuse Smog Affair fog theory makes a case to dismiss the cheater’s choices in an affair as the product of confused, compromised, or limited thinking, and provides the faithful spouse with a palatable narrative for the cheater’s behaviors. Each element of affair fog seeks to provide a palliative …

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